Get Your Solavei Mobile Service For Free This Month!

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Solavei Mobile- Get Your First Month Free!

solavei mobileSolavei has been creating huge momentum and experienced some phenomenal growth since they first launched this past September. Last month, Solavei ran a promotion for new members to receive a free month of service. There was a huge response, but also, alot of people missed out and were asking if the promotion could be extended. Since Ryan, the CEO is so awesome, he’s decided to extend it an additional month. So right now, you have one last opportunity to take full advantage of getting a free month of service if you sign up by November 30, 2012.

So if you’ve been on the fence about signing up for Solavei mobile service, now is a great opportunity to take advantage.

Can you use Solavei Mobile Service with the Iphone?

I often get this question a lot. Yes you can in select areas, in fact it is predicted that the Iphone will run 70 percent faster than on At&t’s network.

T-Mobile today added Baltimore, Houston, and Washington, D.C. to the list of U.S. cities served by 4G (HSPA+) on its faster 1900 network.

“As a part of our $4 billion plan to transform our network, T-Mobile continues to strengthen an already fast and competitive 4G experience in major metro areas across the country by installing new equipment and retuning our 4G airwaves to work with more devices,” T-Mobile USA Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray said in a statement today.

One of the devices that the carrier specifically highlighted to get the faster 4G coverage is the unlocked iPhone. According to T-Mobile, customers with iPhones in these cities get a faster and cheaper service than they would on AT&T.

“Our internal tests of unlocked iPhone 4S devices running over 4G (HSPA+) on our 1900 network recorded on average 70 percent faster download speeds than iPhone 4S devices on AT&T’s network,” Ray said.

Unlike AT&T, which is an official iPhone carrier, T-Mobile doesn’t sell the device. Instead, it encourages customers to use its service with unlocked iPhones. Apparently, more than a million iPhones currently run on T-Mobile’s network.

T-Mobile is picking on AT&T because these two carriers are lagging behind other mobile providers in offering 4G LTE. Instead, they tend to offer 4G (HSPA+), which they say is fast enough to be called 4G.

Solavei is definitely making some waves in the industry right now. So now would be a great opportunity to come on board.

If you would like to learn more about Solavei Mobile, click here.

If you’ve already made up your mind and want to take advantage of a Free month of service and a lifetime of savings, go get setup here. 


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